Were You Warned?

Were You Warned?

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In the book There’s No Such Thing as Can’t, author Bruce Walden warned of the catastrophe to come if the nation elected Barack Obama to the Presidency.  Nearly every prediction came true.  But Bruce was taught as a soldier that you never point out a problem without offering a solution.

In Were You Warned? Bruce revisits some of the issues he discussed in the former book and goes into other issues that affect our nation and his own beloved Alaska which he points out is perfectly positioned historically and geographically to lead the nation and the world... if we just would.

But do not expect to read a depressing book.  Were You Warned? mixes fact and humor with uplifting facts about the nation and his state in a work that will have you laughing, crying, and saluting.

There can be little doubt that the Obama presidency was a total train-wreck.  But we have a couple of choices:  1.  We can give up and allow our nation to continue its steady march off the cliff.  2.  We can dig in our heels and begin to do great things locally and across the nation to bring it all back. 

Were You Warned? was written years before our 45th president set out to Make America Great Again.

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