Angels in Chains

Angels in Chains

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The United States officially ended slavery in 1865.  We take great pride in the fact that we no longer allow such an abhorrent trade within our borders.  However, is it really gone?  And if it is not, then what is it doing in our nation?  And beyond our borders, if other nations are allowing it, why do we continue to do business with them.

From rich Saudis who purchase slaves from Africa and from all over the larger world, to the local brothel- read Asian Massage parlor, right down the road from your Church and your kids’ school, we turn a blind eye to slavery.  From the seat shops in China, to the brick yards of Southeast Asia, slavery goes unabated. 

Author Bruce Walden takes you on a tour of the disgusting world of slavery in our time.  It is estimated that between 23 million and 49 million people are held in chains, from nine year old sex slaves in the Arab world, to the immigrant workers in Dubai who are worked in some cases right to death, to the tobacco fields where migrant workers and young children are worked until they become diseased, our Emancipation Proclamation means nothing.

You’ll be appalled and stirred to action by Angels in Chains.

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