Baja, Across the Border

Baja, Across the Border

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President Grady has retired and his Vice President, Andrew Boucher, a former Delta Force Operator has become the new president.  During Grady’s presidency the Coast Guard and Border Patrol have taken on a much bigger role than in former administrations and the border wall has been completed and it is much more than a wall.

During Grady’s presidency the illegal immigrants from all countries were sent out of the US but those who had kept their records clean would not be prohibited from returning if they did so the right way.

On Baja California thousands of retired Americans have taken up legal residency and built communities that are for all intents and purposes, completely American.

Meanwhile those who’ve been sent out of the US settled in Baja and they have a plan to return, legally and all at once.  As Mexico continues to fall into absolute anarchy at the hands of the drug cartels, the “Bajallos” have decided to declare independence from Mexico.  Once independence is secured they’ll lobby for statehood or at least territory status in the US.

Baja, Across the Border was written long before Donald J. Trump appeared on the political radar.  You’ll agree that Baja, Across the Border is nearly prophetic.

It is the fourth in the five book series.  If you read the Governor’s Initiative, Bottom Rail on Top and The Kings of the East, you’ll want to read Baja Across the Border.

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