Eagle River Homestead

Eagle River Homestead

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The Depression is in full swing and far too many are starving.  Hoosier Leo Grinslade has heard of the abundant game in the frontier territory of Alaska and in a last ditch effort to stave off starvation he sells everything he owns to buy a ticket north.  He arrives on the frontier full of hope and dreams and is not disappointed when he steps into 1930s Anchorage- a dirty frontier town.

Alaska then, as now, is beautiful and wild.  Just outside of the city of Anchorage it is a wilderness in all directions and for days and days of travel.  The young Hoosier does not set out to make his fortune, but simply to make enough to get by on, to hunt some game, maybe find some gold and simply to live the life of a modern day mountain man.

He doesn’t count on finding love, lifelong friendship, a brand new way of life and adventures of a different kind.

He settles into an abandoned cabin and marries only to find that he is squatting, and that his new life, and the lives of those about whom he cares are in danger.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy this novel written in the spirit of Louis L’Amour.

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