That House Up The Knik

That House Up The Knik

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Private detectives Scott and Leone have been serving subpoenas, occasionally picking up a bail jumper, and basically not getting anywhere.  They hear rumors of a brothel somewhere far up the Knik River in Alaska where workers are held against their will.  They realize that if they can locate it, perhaps their reputations will be made. 

Svetlana Palco has just graduated from high school in a tiny farming village in Ukraine, and is looking for her place in the world.  She has read every article she can find on this legendary land in America called Alaska and she has secured a job there.  A certain domestic recruiting agency will give her a ticket, a home and a job.

When she arrives in Alaska she is whisked away up the Knik River to the house that will be her home and her prison.

Svetlana is not a weakling and is not disposed to just give up and give in.  But she knows that if she and the others in the house are going to escape, she’s going to be the one to have to lead them.

A fictional story that is far too true in our day and age.  From the outskirts of Vegas to main street Indiana, to the cities and towns in Alaska, this form of modern slavery is alive and well.  This book describes in dramatic detail what really happens to these young ladies, but gives hope that it can be stopped.

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