The Governor's Initiative

The Governor's Initiative

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The Governor's Initiative was written in 1996, five years prior to the September 11th attack on the homeland.  However, though it is a novel, the author, Bruce Walden, being a Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant (18F) wrote the book from that point of view.  The book seems downright prophetic.

Terrorists have infiltrated the nation over the porous southern border and have made their way to the Skagit Valley of Washington State.  After having won the trust of their neighbors, and posing as Mexican immigrants, they attack Seattle Center and kill over two thousand people by destroying the Space Needle.

Governor Ted Grady is a Vietnam Veteran and a former POW from that war.  He is not willing to stand by, so he contacts the president who shows no motivation to get involved. 

Grady must determine his duty as Governor and Commander in Chief of his state's military in such a case as the president will not act.  What do the US and Washington State Constitutions require of him?

You'll be thrilled by this Clancy-esque action-suspense novel by Bruce Walden.  


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