The Kings of the East

The Kings of the East

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The starving North Koreans are herded across the border and into the minefields that comprise the DMZ.  As the South and the Americans are dealing with the influx, the North Korean Army blows several tunnels from one end of the DMZ to the other and the tanks gush out of them.  The American and South Korean Armies are obliged to take advantage of the situation to defeat the North and to liberate her people.

President Grady, now in his second term as president is looking forward to four years of peace, and hopefully prosperity for the US.  However, during the African War, terrorists dropped a nuclear device into the bottom of San Francisco Harbor taking the lives of over a million people and leaving that city in ruins.

The freighter from which the device was deployed was a Chinese flagged ship and President Grady makes an effort to allow the Chinese premier a way out of admitting Chinese guilt, thus saving face and avoiding war, but the premier is assassinated an hard-liners take over in Beijing.

Due to new equipment and units in the US Military, the Americans begin to back a popular uprising in China.

If you enjoyed the first two books in this series, you will definitely enjoy The Kings of the East.

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