The Sacred Relics

The Sacred Relics

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Mike Reed is an Alaska born young man, working a hum-drum job as a shipping clerk in Tacoma when his boss calls him into his office.  He has a picture on his computer of a strange bit of wood that someone had posted on the internet but the picture had been quickly removed.  It has a Russian Orthodox Cross upon it and words in Russian that make no sense.  Mike is called upon to decipher the words and to try to figure out what they mean.

When Reed arrives at the coordinates given, he expects that others will eventually show up, but he is not prepared for the four people who come into his life.

A legend of an ancient repository of historic and religious artifacts is told by the Russian lady in the group and the five begin to gradually unravel a mystery that is thousands of years in the making and involves the different societies of mankind’s past.

Author Bruce Walden takes us on an adventure that rivals Raiders of the Lost Ark which includes action, adventure, archaeology and spirituality.

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