There's an Old, Old House That Once Was a Mansion

There's an Old, Old House That Once Was a Mansion

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Sergeant First Class Don Ayers has gotten orders for his new assignment and it is not one that really appeals to him.  He will be an ROTC instructor at the University of Northern Iowa- not exactly James Bond stuff for a Special Forces Soldier, but he is near retirement and is looking to put down roots.  He decides to make the best of the assignment.

Arriving in the farming community outside Cedar Falls he comes across a beautiful but dilapidated, two-story farm house and he falls in love with it.  He is sure his fiancée will approve and he buys the house.

But all is not as it seems.  The old house, dating from the Roaring Twenties has secrets- deep, dark and bad secrets.

Aided by his mother, a would be detective, he and his new bridge begin to slowly piece together the mystery of the old house and as they do, the former residents becomes more and more disturbed.

Written in the spirit of the old, haunted stories of the late 60s and early 70s, we are sure you’ll get a chill from There’s an Old, Old House That Once Was a Mansion.

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