There's No Such Thing As Can't

There's No Such Thing As Can't

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We live in a sad day and age in which our kids are taught that basically they can do nothing unless someone helps them.  The concept of doing for oneself seems to be dead in our nation.  The Can-Do attitude that made our country great seems to be a thing of the past.  It ought not to be so.

When you have a school system that teaches that 2+2 may equal 4 you’ve got real problems.  When you have competitions in which every kid receives a trophy no matter how poorly they do, you are dooming your nation.

Jake and Rose Walden hailed from Northeast Tennessee and taught their kids that if you need a thing, you either earn the money to buy it, or you simply make it yourself.  If you can’t do either of those, you probably didn’t really need it.

There was a time when a man’s or a woman’s word was their bond.  Nowadays it seems that whatever one can get away with is good enough.

Bruce Walden takes you on a brief history of his family and this nation and talks not only about the times past, but how we might regain that kind of nation, state or whatever.  Uncompromising in its philosophy, There’s No Such Thing as Can’t means exactly that.

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