Wickedness in High Places

Wickedness in High Places

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Benjamin Franklin once said that if you watch your pennies your dollars will see to themselves.  It works in one’s family budget.  It works with companies.  Might it not work for the nation’s economy.

Author Bruce Walden admits that when he began writing this book he was $18,000 in debt and he eliminated that debt within months by simply cutting back on the extra coffee and such and working a little over time.

Coincidentally at the same time the nation was $18 Trillion in debt.  Might the nation be able to retire its enormous debt by collectively cutting out the extra mocha and bagels, and working a bit of overtime? 

Author Bruce Walden researched the money being thrown away and wasted by the various departments and "Czars" under president Barack Obama.  This book is not full of opinion.  It is filled with facts- facts about the money being wasted as admitted by the websites of those departments themselves.

He shows us how that by watching the nation’s budget, using a bit of common sense, and stopping the giveaways we can eliminate the national debt within eight years.

Say, "It's just not that simple."  Happily, yes, it is just that simple.  Read Wickedness in High Places and you'll laugh, you'll scream and you'll vote.  You may not like what Bruce Walden has to say, but go to the websites and try to prove this book wrong. 

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